Day 3 in Taiwan

The third day in Taiwan was a bit of a slow starter, owing to the fact we’d got back late from Juifen the night before. The day started in our favourite little award winning dumpling restaurant, the waitress showed us to “our” table….. ok they didn’t, but it was starting to feel like they expected us every day! After a nice breakfast it was off to see some culture in Taipei. We started off with a temple.

As it happened the temple we visited was quite busy with people because they were having a festival, so it was a nice time to go there. I’ve visited many temples where the majority of people were tourists, so it was nice for that trend to be reversed on this day. I must of course mention the underground shopping mall close to the temple, otherwise known as the crystal ball emporium! I got 2 more glass balls of differing sizes… I’d always wanted to play with more balls;-) The _____ temple was a nice size, and was set in a courtyard. As we walked into the temple many people were bowing and burning incense sticks, I never get bored of taking photos of people with incense. The debut of the new glass balls wasn’t long in coming either, a shot of a monk and a photo with 3 balls lined up together…. 2 photos I wanted to get for this series, so check.

The next place to see was liberty square, a huge area with some great buildings. I’m not sure Jayoung was digging the architecture too much here, but we both liked the tiled pavement. It was getting a little later in the day by this stage, and the lovely golden light from the sun was bathing the buildings I wanted to photograph. The clouds were also gathering and for a brief moment there was a rainbow. Now storm clouds, architecture and a nice pavement are just made for HDR, so that’s just the shot I took. I guess the photos look a little like postcards. After taking a photo of the national theatre building, and one of the CKS monument we walked to the subway station. Outside the subway station was the subway restaurant, I had a total subway craving at this point so we had our evening meal there. There isn’t a subway in the town were I live in Korea, so this was like having “foreign food”, ok that’s a cop out and we should have tried a little more of the local flavour.

After the meal we jumped onto a train and headed to an area where there was a night market. Once we got there though we realised that the rain was coming down heavily, so the night market was kicked into touch and we headed back home. I wasn’t quite done with the night markets though, and when we got back to the hostel I headed out for a few minutes with my 2 crystal balls. Puddles are great for reflections with the balls, and as it had been raining there were many… it wasn’t raining as heavily now though so I lined up the balls in a puddle, got my knees dirty, and got a few curious looks from the locals.


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A photographer in SE Asia
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