Taiwan day 4

The last full day of the trip was somewhat low key really. We’d already seen quite a lot of things, it was also raining which didn’t help. I decided we need to see some culture though, so headed for the tourist information. After a little prompting they let us know about some performances taking place at a theatre that evening, so that was the evening sorted out.

Jayoung was now interested in finding an antique market, I think she had ideas of the markets we’d seen in Hong Kong. The lady couldn’t help with antiques, but told us about a Jade market. We headed for the Jade market and Jayoung twisted my arm into buying some more things. There were also more glass ball there, so I bought 2 more. I now have a ridicules glass ball collection in all honesty, but I have options for experimenting.

We headed back to the hostel for a while and then went for some food at shabu shabu, we bought a buffet ticket and then only had a few things. The food was good but overpriced. Then finally we headed to the theatre and got some tickets for the show. I thought they put on a good show. It was split between an acrobatics performance and then one scene from a traditional Chinese opera. I think for me the best bit was the interval though as this allowed me to get some good portrait photos of the performers, and we were allowed up close. Well that was a great trip to Taiwan, I’d love to go back someday and see the southern half of the island, the aboriginal culture, and the temples there.


About Simon Bond

A photographer in SE Asia
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